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About Ciovo

Ciovo, an island in the central Dalmatian archipelago; area 28.8 sq km (length 15.3 km, width up to 3.5 km); population 6,071; highest peak Rudine (218 m). In the east, Ciovo is about 2 km away from the mainland (Cape Marjan); in the north-west it is connected with the mainland by a bascule bridge (in Trogir). The island of Ciovo actually encloses the Kastela Gulf. Annual rainfall is about 900 mm. The southern side of the island is exposed to the sirocco, however it is protected from the bora, in contrast to the northern coast (protected from the sirocco but exposed to the bora). There are no surface water streams. Brackish water occurs in Slatine, Saldun and near Sveti Kriz. There are also several caves, the most prominent being Bilosaj and Anicina Jama (Annie's Pit).

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The island is actually an extension of Trogir but also a kind of breakwater for the Kastela Gulf. Along with vacation opportunities, Ciovo also offers a number of tourist attractions and historical monuments. Additional visitor opportunities are provided in the nearby towns of Trogir and Split.

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